First, the family. Wine is a family inheritance and the basis for any enterprise. For us, it is the cause and the consequence. The family is the beginning and the end of everything we do.


Born in 1960 he began working for the family when he was sixteen. In 1997 he created João M. Barbosa, and it soon became his sole focus.


Born in 1960, she’s a Portuguese teacher and partner of the company. she has a fundamental role in selecting the brands and images.


Born in 1985, she’s the eldest of the five children, and is in charge of public relations and social media of the company.


Born in 1986, she studied Environmental Engineering and is a salesperson by vocation. She’s responsible for the company’s sales in the Lisbon area.


Born in 1988, he’s the only son and is studying Marketing and Publicity. He works in the winery from August to October, transporting and washing the harvest boxes, controlling the temperature of the fermenting must in the tanks (“lagares”). He also loads and unloads the grapes from the tractor.


Born in 1990 she’s studying Accounting, and helps out in the company in the selection of images and brands.


Born in 1999, she’s been participating in the grape harvest since she was three. The project has grown with her in terms of production, sales and creativity.